Taking Risks beyond the Known

Eighteenth of August two thousand and fifteen. 

Three years, six month and fourteen days since we took in our first young women into theGap. History making day. A momentous day. A day I’d thought would be many years away.

How could I have guessed or imagined that God had prepared Us for such a time as this? Yet God is FAITHFUL

The Gap took in our first young girl under the age of 16. A minor. A precious one aged 13. It is a huge risk to do this. There is no other Residential that I know of that will take a minor unless Department of Child Safety are involved or the organization is Government funded. This is due to legal and guardianship risks.

But God made a way, opened the doors and trusting God I stepped out in faith (with an amazing team of people backing me).

 So young. So broken. So rejected. So unaware of how loved, valued and special she is. 

It is going to take all of me and all the love, patience and grace I am able to offer. I won’t always know what to do or how to respond ro her. I don’t know what challenges we will face. I am aware of mine and our inadequacies to be all that this precious one needs. Yet God is ENOUGH.

I can not always be there for her. I may let her down. I may not get it right. Yet God will FULFILL His plans and purpose.

It seems impossible to bring hope and life to such a young one who has lost so much. Yet God will MAKE a way where there seems no way.

If I can only be available to provide the opportunity and space for Gods love to come and meet with this precious child of His, then that is all I desire.  For this precious one to know the love of her Heavenly Father; to know grace, love, and peace in her life. To experience a stable, loving, and secure home. This is all I can do. Yet God will receive ALL the glory and praise due His name.

It is a risk. My heart is on the line. I may get hurt, rejected and blamed again. The future is unknown. I do not know what is up ahead. What will God require of me? 

Yet the risk is worth it all, for God has already done why is necessary through His Son Jesus for this precious one.


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