Take A Break….

It’s a wonderous thing to be completely reliant and supported by a Heavenly Father who cares. And that He cares about me, even to the smallest detail.

It came to that time of year where I need to take a week’s leave from work. To have a break, have some rest and do something for a while that isn’t work related…at ALL!!

Now holidays are something I find really hard to plan and get to. I usually feel like it’s impossible for me to get away or to even want to. I love my job and I love this full on crazy life. But I know that to be able to continue, it is important for me to stop every once in a while so I can keep going. A saying my friend always says is, “Go hard. Stop hard.” And this is what I need to do. I also struggle a lot with guilt and feeling guilty if I am not working and I’m taking time for myself. It makes me feel selfish. So I really needed God to confirm to me it was ok. God is teaching me that I matter to Him not just because of what I do, but because of who I am.

A good friend of mine was getting married in Melbourne and I thought it would be the perfect time to head home(Victoria) for a week. I’d get to see family and catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in years. It would give me the opportunity to spend some time on the farm, with the cows. Quality time with my family.

So when I decided I would take a weeks leave,after lots of trying to find excuses, I knew that God would have to be the one to make it happen. This was not an easy thing.

As I am the main person running everything and covering 6 out of 7 days, god was going to need to provide my current staff to be wiling to volunteer their time over 11days of me being away. Also God was going to need to provide the finances for me, for flights, a hire car, and expenses.

I gave it all to God in prayer and asked if it was His will that He would enable me to be able to take this time and trust Him that He had me and theGAP covered.

Miraculously every shift and time slot was filled and I was so blessed by the generosity of those who offered to volunteer their time. They are an amazing bunch of people with huge hearts and passions for supporting and helping young women. Only God could’ve worked this out and made it possible.
With that covered, I just needed the finances. Thankfully to being blessed by flight points from a previous overseas flight, I had enough frequent flyer points to pay for half of my flight costs and enough finances to cover the other half. This then left me with enough finances for a hire car as well. What a blessing!! It’s amazing to see how God works things and provides. I was so thankful to God for making a way.

The Monday of the week I was going on leave(which was Thursday), I was praying and was feeling a bit worried about finances and how I would have any money to spend for going to the snow, good and recreation. I knew I didn’t have much and would be going over my budget. As I was talking with God, I just said a simple prayer. Something along the lines of …”God it would be so nice if you could put it on someone’s heart to bless me with some money for my holidays.” I knew it was a selfish prayer and didn’t expect much to come from it.

The next morning, Tuesday, I arrived at work and on my desk was sitting an envelope with a card and some money in it from a friend. I was blown away. God had heard my prayer and answered it. This encouraged me that God was for me, that He cares so much for me and He was for me taking leave. I was so thankful to God for showing this to me as He didn’t have to or need to. And I know my faith and trust in Him wasn’t dependent on of He provided the money or not, but it is a huge help in strengthening my trust and reliance on Him.

On Thursday, as I was doing my last minute packing (I HATE packing) for going away, I received another card and monetary gift from another friend. Again, I was struck with the love and care of my Father. Both these friends who so generously gave to me, had no idea about my financial situation and were just obedient to God in giving to me.

I have been so overwhelmed day by day by God provision, care and faithfulness since and during this time on leave. I haven’t thought about work and I haven’t felt guilty once about being away. I know this is of God and I can trust Him completely. What a privilege and honor to have a Heavenly Father like this.





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