I’ve got a dream…..

Ever watched Tangled? There is a part of the movie where there is a song about dreams. It’s called I’ve Got A Dream. (Check it out on YouTube http://youtu.be/G3U8ecUwu2U). There’s a bunch of barbarians that join in singing about their dreams. It’s lots of fun and they each have individual, unique and some impossible dreams.

I love watching this clip, because I have a dream. Well I should say I have a huge bunch of dreams, things I want to do and see happen during my life. Some are possible and some are impossible. But I have given my life and made a commitment to say ‘yes’ to whatever God has called me to do. I know that He is able and He will equip me for all that He has placed in my heart. I refuse to die wondering. And I refuse to allow fear to stop me.

The GAP is one part of the fulfillment of a dream God placed in my heart. It has been a miraculous journey and this builds my faith to believe for more and pursue the other dreams further. I am excited to see how much I can accomplish and how much of a change and influence I can make on this world for God. It is only for God that I have life and breath.

Today I listened to a podcast by Danny Silk called Dare To Dream. – http://new.jesusculture.com/sacramento/podcast/?listen=dare-to-dream.

It is a really encouraging yet stirring sermon. I can’t even summarize it to the best of it, but Danny tells us that God has placed dreams in each of our hearts and he is encouraging us to find those dreams, focus on the dreams and pursue the dreams. God has chosen each of us to fulfill dreams, but it’s up to is to say yes to them.

It’s so rare to hear these days the dreams that my friends have. So many of them are actually working on another persons dream instead of their own. I don’t think I’ve ever really asked about the dreams that they have.

I’ve started to learn to ask the deep questions and not be afraid. I want to acknowledge the passions and dreams inside of each person and be a catalyst or encourager of them to pursue those dreams. I have chosen to replace the common question of ‘How are you? How was your week?’ With some deeper questions.

What are you passionate about? What is God calling you to do? What are your dreams? Have you had dreams and given up on them? What has God asked of you to do this week? Where have you seen God at work in your life recently? What ado you think have been your challenges or blockages?

One thing I noticed about young women was when I would run a SHINE class (self-worth program) in schools. I would teach a year 6 class of girls and ask each of them to write down their dreams and three things they liked about themselves and what they are good at. Usually they’re would have between 2-5 thing they could write. Some wanted to be prime ministers, others teachers, and some vet invariants. I would them do the same class with a year 9 class of girls. And every single time these girls could not write a thing down. No dream, no likes, nothing they were good at.

This always got me thinking. What happened between year 6 and year 9? How does a girl just lose her dreams like that? How does a girl get to the point of believing her life is worthless and she has nothing to offer this world?

That’s one of the reasons I had a dream to set up theGAP. I had a dream where young women were able to dream again, we’re able to identify what they are good at, what they enjoy and find passion for life. I want them to know It’s ok to be a dreamer. Actually it’s more than ok, it’s of God. And God created them with specific dreams, value and abilities.

So dream on……


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