A Little About Me. A Lot About God.

I am an ordinary young woman who has said ‘yes’ to God. I have chosen to continue to say ‘yes’, knowing there is a cost, a laying down of my life, ambitions, dreams to take up the full purposes of God for me. I used to always ask the question, “What could I possibly do?”  Now Im learning to change that question to, ” With God and in obedience, what could I NOT do.” God is my focus and my centre of life. To live a life as Christ lived for the poor, the marginalized, the orphan, and those that are disgraced. There is none that is not deserving of receiving the love and care that I have received through a Heavenly Father who demonstrates His unconditional love and faithfulness.

So far God has led me to launch something that I haven’t seen anywhere else in Australia.
I’ve been part of an organization called City Women reaching out to and working with non-Christian young women in our city for 5 years. At the age of 27, I opened up a young women’s Live-in program called theGAP. I saw a huge gap in young women’s lives of low self-worth, lack of life-skills, lack of purpose or dreams, lack of education opportunities and little to no positive support or influence in their lives. Many of these young women are living with huge amounts of shame, suffering from depression and anxiety and carrying so much grief at such a young age. I wanted to provide a place where they could have a supportive, positive place where they could receive the love of God and find purpose and value in life.

There is so much more in my heart to do where I see needs that God is wanting me to step out into. They are scary, huge, some may say impossible things, but I don’t want to die wondering or wishing I had done something. I have a Great Big God and all things are possible with Him.

Read below a bit about theGAP.

There are so many young women in the community who are not at the level of needing specific treatment facilities, yet are also not able to live healthy independent lives due to negative experiences or lack of a safe, supportive network.
As a result, many young women are homeless or at risk of homelessness continue to engage in unhealthy relationships, lack life skills, have low self-esteem issues and are in need of a specialised living environment that can offer a time of focused recovery.
This is where the program we offer fills the gap that is so evidently needed within the community.

Our program is a positive option for vulnerable young women aged 16-21years. We offer each young woman the opportunity to better their future through a focused recovery program which is delivered through a supportive community living concept with their overall safety and wellbeing as paramount.
Our multi-disciplinary team ensures that we have a holistic and personal focus on each young woman. This means that the caseplan is designed to address specific issues with the intention to re-establish them successfully within the community.
We provide a safe environment which allows participants to process any issues that have contributed to their current situation and to assist in developing the skills necessary to overcome cyclical patterns.

To provide young women opportunities for personal growth, empowering them to make positive life choices to maximise their potential for success.
Provide keys to equip, maintain and empower young women for all seasons of life.

• Respect
• Individual Needs Base
• Commitment
• Goal orientated with continued assessment & Outcome based
• Community Engagement
• Strength Based
• Emotional and Behaviour Management
• Team Work

• Responsibility for self, based on choice & consequences
• Engagement
• Supporting
• Participation
• Therapeutic
• Resilience
• Overcome difficulties in reaching their potential
• Provide keys to equip, maintain and empower them for all seasons of life.
• Bridging the gap in the community by connecting young women in need to the services available from organisations offering assistance.
• Support and Intervention

• Life Skills and Stability
• Recovery : mental, physical and emotional health
• Self-Confidence and Sense of Purpose
• Empowered in choices, core values and conviction
• Healthy Relationship
• Positive Community Involvement
• Living with Integrity

• To create a safe environment for young women
• To assist young women with taking personal responsibility for their choices in decision making
• To equip with life-skills and tools for successful transition within community or for next stage of life
• To support towards continued recovery, specific needs commitment to external services necessary
• To enable them to be pro-active in developed self-confidence and a desire to contribute to their community



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