The Cause Within

In 2012, I was given a book that would inspire and change my life forever. This book, “The Church That Never Sleeps” is the story of amazing faith and courage of a man named Matthew Barnett. This story of living 24/7 for a greater cause than himself and how God miraculous brought about The Dream Center has both challenged and inspired me in all that I do.

In January 2014 I was immensely blessed with the privilege of visiting the Dream Center in LA. It was all and more that I had thought it would be. I was impacted by their availability and work in their city to meet the needs that were there. One of the things that really impacted me was that it didn’t look like a church. They had medical facilities, housing on different floors, food trucks, transport vehicles, stacks of buses. They have a Leadership Training School, outreach to prostitutes, a cafe and gym open to the public community. The place was buzzing with activity. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Our tour guide made a statement that has stuck with me. He said that they had noticed that the person/type of people that stay the longest within a city or community usually end up being the main influence or culture within that place. He said that The Dream Center has a goal to be the longest lasting occupant in that city until all have been reached experienced love and had the opportunity to connect with their Saviour.

Another thing that I was amazed by was their generous, giving , unselfish hearts. They seem to not have the attitude of that they are being used or just taken advantage of, but that whatever the need, wherever the need, if they can supply that need they will do whatever it takes without expecting anything in return.

Lately I have been reading Matthew Barnett’ blogs and being inspired by the miracles God has brought about through his faithfulness to a cause greater than himself. It has challenged me to step out in faith and go for the impossible and see how God supplies. Matthew says the cause is within us, the cause of Christ. “You are just one act of inconvenience away from possibly finding the cause of a life time.”

So for me, though others may not understand or think otherwise, I know what God has called me to and this is why I choose to daily surrender my self, dreams, desires to all that God has placed in my heart.

I look forward to many more miracles and Gods move to outwork His purposes here in this city of Toowoomba. I say Yes to whatever it takes.


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